Severe Flooding in Texas; Evacuations Mandatory

Even more rain and thunderstorms are headed towards the Plains as we move into Memorial Day weekend. The state of Texas has already seen torrential rainfall this week, with more on the way. The cities that are most at risk for flooding this weekend include Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, TX, as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK.

Most of the areas above have already received 2 to 4 times their average rainfall for the month. This additional rainfall that is expected will lead to more flooding issues since the ground is already highly saturated.

If you plan on traveling through these areas as we move into Memorial Day Weekend, you might want to plan accordingly. Any motorists who have to travel on Interstates 20, 35, and 44 will more than likely experience flooding issues. Watch out for flooded roadways, and never try to pass a waterlogged road.

It only takes one foot of water to lift a car off of the ground, especially at night when motorists cannot judge just how deep the water is. If you have any outdoor plans for the weekend, make sure that you are vigilant in staying updated on the weather conditions in your area. Know how the terrain is in the areas your heading to so you can avoid the danger of low-lying areas when the flooding does strike.

The biggest threat with these systems is indeed widespread flooding, but some of the storms have the potential to be severe.

texas rainfall severe storms

The most recent system of rain that fell in the first half of the week has dropped several inches of rain in some places. Wichita Falls, a city in Texas, received 3.40 inches of rain on Tuesday night, and has already received nearly 6 times the normal amount of rainfall so far this month. Evacuations became mandatory Thursday morning as rainfall pounded the Lone Star state relentlessly. Many roadways throughout the San Antonio metro area were completely flooded out as well, and several people had to be rescued from their vehicles.

Oklahoma City has already received 13.88 inches of rain so far for the month of May, and the city averages about 2.73 for that time frame. With more rain on the way, it is almost inevitable that flooding will be a major concern. The current record for rainfall in Oklahoma City is 14.66 for the month of May, which means that more than likely the record will be shattered.

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